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Montreux Clean Beach Project

removing, identifying and quantifying aquatic pollutants.


Weekly microbial cultures of lake water in a chromogenic medium, inhibitive to gram stain positive bacteria.

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We wanted to see what the water quality is like in areas that are not tested but are frequently used by the public for bathing. The shoreline between the "Baye de Montreux" and the "Baye de Clarens" fit this description.

June - August 2016

What is your chance of coming into contact with antibiotic resistant organisms in Lac Léman ?

The data from the microbial assays will be compared against available, meteorological, hydrological and economic data.

We believe our data fits current models for other locations  when precipitation levels are accounted for.

Our winter project includes the construction of at least one digital PH, temp and conductivity meter for water samples.


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Water sampling locations 2016

* Notes

  • E.coli : described as colonies that are  blue, indigo, blue halo, indigo halo, big, purple or purple halo for every 100mL of water (see color guide)
  • PH at time of water sampling
  • Temperature at time of water sampling

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Benefits from sales pay for ongoing and future operations.

Culture 24hrs of incubation : 12/07/2016 Sauvetage

Montreux Clean Beach Project is a hammerdirt project.

Hammerdirt is a group of dedicated individuals protecting waterways in your community.