Buy Bain des Dames #1

Montreux Clean Beach Project

removing, identifying and quantifying aquatic pollutants.

Why don't we sell T-shirts, coffee mugs or other "Gift Items" ?

Because our mission is identifying and removing pollutants ! Sales of other items would increase our overhead and keep us off the shoreline doing what we do best. (If you really want our fashionable work shirts, email us we will let you know next time we order)

Bottles of "Haut Lac Trash" are available for delivery in Switzerland only.


The Beach Litter Market

  1. Pick your location
  2. Find your price range
  3. Buy the beach litter

The work has already been done ! The litter has been accounted for, disposed of and incorporated in our statistics.

Get the trash off the beach !

We use shopify and Paypal.

You will receive :

  • A thank you note and a detailed inventory of what was removed (PDF)
  • Your logo (or name ) will be included on the website (if you wish), AGIR, Hackuarium and are examples.
  • A Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter update stating that you or your organization was responsible for the removal of the litter (including date, location and quantity)
  • Your logo (or name) in our activity reports and annual reports.

We will not send you a box of trash !

How  do we spend our money ?

Montreux Clean Beach Project is a hammerdirt project.

Hammerdirt is a group of dedicated individuals protecting waterways in your community.