Montreux Clean Beach Project

removing, identifying and quantifying aquatic pollutants.

Hammerdirt is a dedicated group of people protecting our environment.

The Montreux Clean Beach Project is the second in a series of projects with four objectives :

  1. Remove, identify, quantify and document the visible pollutants in the water and on the shoreline of Lake Geneva.
  2. Display the results openly and in the greatest detail possible (notwithstanding financial constraints)
  3. Develop activities that have immediate and long term application to the removal of environmental pollutants


Future projects

Digital PH, Conductivity and Temp probe :

There are lots of open-source tools available. In particular,  "Art Science Bangalore" has a design for just such a sensor.

Mapping the presence of antibiotic resistant bacteria:

Using PCR technology (yes we have that) we can identify specific organisms in the water.  Samples would be taken at the same time as a beach-litter inventory, from Villeneuve to Genève.

The Swiss Litter Report :

In conjunction with STOPPP we would like to reproduce the beach litter survey on a national scale.

Montreux Clean Beach 3

Random sampling of a greater number of locations on Lac Léman and expansion of data services.

Transition to PHP and MySQL

Greater flexibility for user queries, advanced density mapping and integration of environmental and economic data.

Development of Beach Litter Market

Bring transparency and lower the price of pollution removal by developing market based solutions

Montreux Clean Beach Project is a hammerdirt project.

Hammerdirt is a group of dedicated individuals protecting waterways in your community.